"Having been an athlete and professional nurse all of my adult life, with multiple sports injuries and the wear and tear of a very active life I sought out some relief from chronic pain.

I feel very fortunate to have found Jessica and Structural Integration; in fact, I wish I had found them years ago. I have noted a general sense of well being, comfort, and a feeling of greater openness through my entire body and spirit, it is quite refreshing to feel a natural ease. My chronic shoulder, neck, and head pain has almost entirely been eliminated allowing me to sleep up to 6-7 hours a night when previously I would awaken with shoulder/arm pain numbness in 2-3 hours.

My chronic low back and leg pain has been eliminated. I especially noted this when driving longer distances. My first long drive after the therapy I started to adjust my sitting position in the normal 20-30 minutes, but then observed that it was not necessary as I did not have the pain/numbness in my back and leg. My next long drive of 6 hours was happily spent comfortably sitting without my usual squirming around from pain.

I highly recommend the Structural Integration series to anyone who is seeking comfort from life’s stressors and injuries. The impressive results continue beyond the 10 series sessions of Structural Integration Jessica made me feel at ease with the process and demonstrated great professional skill with her healing touch and understanding of patient needs."  

-Daniel S., RN


"After many helpful, consistent, and enjoyable treatments from a number of people, I have received the most beneficial massage therapy at Be Well Bodywork.

I feel strongly that Structural Integration and my work with Jessica was such a pivotal experience that I have a hard time articulating my feelings. Jessica was wonderful to work with. She is incredibly strong, yet knows when to be gentle. Throughout the 10 sessions, she studied my case and was prepared when I arrived. She gave me pointers that furthered my healing and was very knowledgeable and thorough in her explanations. Structural Integration gave me the foundation I needed to discover strength I never knew I had. I've been a yoga practitioner for 15 years, but after going through the sessions and continuing my practice, I discovered muscles and ways of moving that I had never used before; I had a new body! It was an awakening of my body's full potential that impacted many other areas of my life as well. Not only do I have a lot less pain and a straighter back/stronger core, but more confidence and ease. People respond to me differently. I believe the body and mind are more interlinked than our culture recognizes and am even more convinced now. The most amazing part is that I never knew what I was missing.

-Jenny D.


I have endured moderate but early symptoms of spinal subluxation, fibromyalgia, and postural pronation from an early age. With Jessica's help, I am moving towards postural correction, proper balance, and bone and joint comfort. Consistent treatments have proved beneficial in order to work under the surface layer of tension, and each visit has had its following of obvious shifts in balance and painless ease of motion.

I choose Be Well Bodywork for reliable access to massage therapy from someone with natural and inherited talent and abilities, well-embodied instructions and knowledge, and caring focus which gives relief from pain and stress."

-Paul B.


"I have been seeing Jessica regularly for massages for 2 years now. She has a tremendous understanding of how bodies work and can identify the source of trouble spots easily. Jessica also does a great job of knowing when to chat with me and when I need quiet time. I always feel so relaxed after my massage."

-Leslie G.


"Jessica really cares about her clients and has an intuitive sense of what type of massage therapy they need at the moment.  She listens carefully."

-Sue M.


"I highly recommend Jessica because of her unique and skilled way of combining structural integration and massage knowledge. Though there are many good massage therapists in town, she uses her excellent intuitive approach to help make muscles feel and function better. I wish I had found her years ago!"

-Bonna G.


"My Rolf Method experience with Jessica completely changed my
perception of my own body, and also successfully dealt with a problem
in my lower back."

-Chris H.

"Jessica is the absolute best massage therapist. She is marvelous!
Honestly, I have had many massages as I have traveled around as a
professional figure skater but Jessica is magical! You will not be

-Elyse K.


"I started Structural Integration with Jessica at Be Well Bodywork in February of 2012.  My hope when I started was to relieve some of my pain I had been experiencing in my back that had gotten continually worse over the last 10 years.  I have a very significant history of back problems including scoliosis and additional damage resulting from multiple surgical incisions to my chest, side and back. 

Although I had some relief from frequent massages, the beneficial effect was only short-lived.  The first session with Jessica was different.  She used techniques that had never been done on me previously.  After the first session, my back did not hurt for 3-4 days.  The results got better over time so that after 10 sessions, I am now mostly free from back pain and was able to stop taking daily Vicodin.

I also got other benefits I was not expecting.  First my breathing got significantly better.  I had developed adhesions around my lungs from one of my surgeries and Jessica was able to loosen them up to help me breathe easier.

I was amazed how much my posture had improved after only 10 sessions with Jessica.  I had previously seen Chiropractors and Orthopedic Surgeons regarding this problem and they were unable to do what Jessica was able to accomplish in 10 weeks.

Finally, Jessica is very proficient at her craft and one senses immediately that she cares about you as a client.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who has back, breathing or posture issues."

-Dan D.


Jessica Redding-Newhouse - Missoula Massage Therapist