About Jessica

I graduated from the Montana School of Massage in Missoula in 2004. Since then I have fully dedicated myself to a career in massage therapy and bodywork, helping people feel more comfortable in their bodies. Through years of experience, working in both spa and chiropractic settings and starting my private practice in 2010, I learned I was most interested in alleviating clients' chronic aches and pains through Deep Tissue work, but I felt like I needed a more effective and longer-lasting modality of bodywork to do so.

Fortunately, I did not have to look far for the answer. My father is a Rolfer. Larry D. Redding, M.S. and Certified Advanced Rolfer, was certified at the Rolf Institute in 1978. I had heard countless stories of how this form of bodywork had changed people's lives, and with my own studies, I knew of the effective work that could be done when focusing on the connective tissue called fascia in the body. I have also received many Rolfing sessions, starting when I was days old, through my youth and to the present day. I have always loved the feeling I have at the end of each session; my body feels taller, straighter, lighter yet grounded; my breath is more open, and I walk and move with more ease and fluidity. It's a unique sensation I have not experienced with any other kind of bodywork.

In 2011, I completed a 528-hour program at The Guild for Structural Integration, a school dedicated to the original teachings of Ida P. Rolf. I was fortunate to train with Jeff Linn, Amber Leigh Burnham and Emmett Hutchins, the latter being one of the original practitioners chosen by Ida Rolf to teach and continue her work.

In the spring of 2015 I dedicated my focus and personal business to my Structural Integration practice. In order to do this, I have discontinued offering massage therapy. This allows me to better serve the Missoula community and do the work about which I am passionate.

With a full practice, I am building upon my knowledge, sensitivity and creativity daily with every client, and, in addition, pursuing formal continuing education opportunities. It is always my goal to provide an appropriate blend of manual technique, movement reeducation and ideas for self-awareness and self-care to each individual, suiting his or her own goals and lifestyle.

Clients who experience the 10-series of Structural Integration and post-10 work enter a process and a journey on which I am honored to join them and truly enjoy.

Completed Continuing Education

  • Integrative Strategies to Address Structural and Functional Relationships with Liz Stewart and Jon Martine, October 2013
  • 10 Video Conferences Featuring a 10-series Review with Liz Stewart, March-September 2014
  • Coherent Touch with Henry Cloud, May 2015
  • Fascial Integration: Structural-Visceral Approaches for the Mid-back, Throrax and Diaphragm with Bruce Schoenfeld, October 2015
  • ScarWork: Integrating Scar Tissue into the Fascial Web with Sharon Wheeler, April 2016



Jessica Redding-Newhouse - Missoula Massage Therapist